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Our Team


Brennon Garrett

Brennon is a qualitative data guru, a technologist, and the the founder of Kaptify. After his first semester of college Brennon dropped out for a few years and founded a web development agency called Odyssey Web with Bruce. The company had tremendous early growth, evolved into a direct marketing company, and merged with Clearlink. Brennon left the company and moved to New York (to finally go to college), while  Bruce stayed in Utah and continued to grow Clearlink as the CTO. Brennon also spent a few years on Wall Street working for Stripes, a Private Equity firm. Brennon holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University.


Jessica Pinnock

Following her passion for understanding the roots of human behavior, Jessica earned a degree in Social Science Teaching and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Art History. While she loved studying the art itself, it was the human experience behind art that animated her work. While stitching together complex motivations behind patron behaviors and artists irrationality she relied on complex sets of qualitative data in order to explain particular behavioral sequences. If not obvious already, Jessica is our head of research. She is the mastermind behind our proprietary research process.


Bruce Westenskow

Bruce has worked in technology for, well, many moons. Back in the day, he and Brennon founded a small web development shop called Odyssey Web , which eventually merged and became Clearlink. Bruce was was the head of technology when the company was only a few employees, all the way to its peak of over 1,500 employees. He and Brennon have joined forces once again here at Kaptify, and are now putting all of their coding skills to work building the Kaptify platform. Unaware of how deeply he would one day fall in love with technology, Bruce studied accounting in college, earning BS and Masters from the University of Utah.

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