The future belongs

to natural language.

What do we mean by natural language?

We mean data that reaches you in plain words instead of graphs, charts, and statistics.

Here's an example below: 

Scenario One

A customer churns, and you look to Google Analytics for answers.

You try to understand their behavioral patterns going back in time. How much time on site? How often did they log in? Did they ever refer someone using the referral link? Which pages or features did they visit? Numbers. Dots. Lines. Colors. And your brain is left to figure it out.
Scenario Two

A customer churns...and you ask them why.

You interview them and ask:

"Why did you stop using the product?"

They answer:

"There was not a startup pricing tier. Your competitor has a startup tier so I went with them."

Not only do you have your answer, you have intel on your competitor. You do this enough times to create statistically significant trends and modify your business based on the clarity of the natural language data.

Natural language

creates the shortest and clearest path to understanding because it's the language we speak with each other every day. It's memorable, bull crap free, and leads to lasting companies.

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User-focussed layouts.
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Explosive results.
You'll be blown away by the increase in conversions.

Onboarding is fast. And so is time to value (i.e. revenue).

1. We have a kick off call
to establish points of contact,  introduce you to our interview recruiting process and tracker, and give you access to the software.
2. You export contacts
and provide them to us so we can start contacting for interviews.
3. Interviews begin
and trends begin to unfold sooner than you think.
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