Better Insights from Conversations with Humans

Win/Loss Analysis

For Product Marketers

Better insights from conversations with humans

Win / Loss Analysis

For product marketers (at half the cost)

We're helping already great companies

grow revenue with customer insights.

Here's the thing...

The data you need,
is in his head.

• What are the *real* reasons we lost the deal?  
• Which competitor did he choose, and why?
• Is it possible we could win them back in the future?
• How was his interaction with our sales team?
• What part of our product does he think is the weakest?
See the answers from real people who have made real choices (backed by real dollars) about your business.  

We're helping already great companies

grow revenue, one customer interview at a time.

What we do

We talk to your customers and to turn what they say into actionable insights.
Our team is underpinned by a PhD in qualitative analysis.

We collect data through live customer interviews and turn that data into actionalble insghts. Our third-party status gives us unbiased and unparalled access to the truth. You turn that truth into absolute gold.


Spend your time enabling your teams.
instead of slogging through research.

analysis creates more wins by understanding why you're winning in the first place.
analysis exposes the root causes of failure, turning losses into future wins.
analysis is a creates more retention by understanding what happened after signup.
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